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The most purrfect neko in town by Abi-Berry The most purrfect neko in town by Abi-Berry
Excuses, excuses, that all I have to pile upon the amount of apology notes I have :p

I haven't drawn anything for my senpai this year yet, well I think I haven't.
So, I decided to draw Chari as a neko because nekos are awesome and the best animal. >w<
I hope she looks okay, I forgot to check if you had changed anything about her... eue"
For this drawing, I took it as another chance to learn some new poses, of course the tail is covering the legs since I couldn't draw them well. o3o
At least I'm making more of an effort to make my art differ for each drawing.
The background is something I'm quite happy about, even though I stole the idea from a picture I randomly found. ;3;"
It's an beautiful background for such a simple design.
Oh, and I tried to add some shine to it but it hasn't shown up - I think.
It's just a little bit of nail polish, as I'm a cheap person...wanted to make use of everything I have. >3>
In real life, the effect of the polish is quite nice, it looks like a rainbowwwwww ;u;

Hehe, anyway I hope you like it :iconhylian-pugapillar:!~
Have a splendid day my little fruits.

imma so soz
i haven't uploaded for a while
cant finish a description without apologising

Saturday 30th April 2016
MariiluchiEditions Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Wow! So pretty :hug: :heart:
Hylian-Pugapillar Featured By Owner May 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nawww Chari is too cute here again, I love it when you draw her!!! <3
And don't worry she looks fine, I haven't changed anything about her...

I quite like your nail polish idea, it's a good one! I'll keep it in mind when I do some traditional doodles.
Nathansito Featured By Owner May 8, 2016
Really cute. ^u^
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